What is This is?

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“Who’s there?”

I don’t know – but thanks for stopping by anyway. Let me tell you a little bit about what we’re doing here. I’m typing the proverbial “about us” page, and you’re reading the finished product at a time future from right now – which is kind of weird now that I think about it – since by the time you finish reading this page, you will have known everything that I eventually typed, before I even have it figured out at this very moment.

At any rate, my name is Ben. I’ve had quite an interesting career, due to no special planning or strategy on my part. My only motivating factor was, and still is, primarily getting the bills paid; but more noble than that, scratching this eternal creative itch. Since a young age, I wanted to design stuff. I was always fascinated with form and structure, and had an impressive collection of Legos to prove it. My first crack at higher education had me pursuing, and eventually obtaining, a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I spent several years after that working for a couple huge multinational corporations as a Design Technician in their mechanical engineering departments. After a few years of that, I realized that my passion wasn’t merely designing stuff – but creative design. The tight tolerances and rigid ASME and ANSI standards of mechanical design failed to satisfy my hunger – so I went back to school.

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Coupled with my love for art and creative design, was a passion for marketing, branding, and consumerism. Sociology was always my very favorite study in school, and I really loved studying what made people as a group, tick. Why do consumers buy the stuff they buy? What makes one message appealing on a large scale, where another similar product message fails? These and a million others like it were questions I wanted to make a career out of exploring – along with fulfilling my need to design creatively. So armed with a degree in Business Marketing, hundreds or thousands of hours of graphic design and web design training, and a boatload of naive idealistic musings – I set out on my quest.

15 years later, here I sit. I’ve worked everywhere from international telecommunications conglomerates, to Madison Avenue ad agencies, to running my own boutique design firm; and I wouldn’t trade my weird little unconventional career path for anything. My love of consumerism and branding took me to the client side of marketing, which I have been for around eight years now. I still do some occasional freelancing on the side as well.

As a jack of all trades – but a master of none, my journey isn’t anywhere near complete. The purpose of this little corner of the web called FadedRadio.com, is to allow me an outlet to share, explore, and ponder all of the things that I find interesting. I sincerely hope that you find some of them interesting as well. I love engaging with people, and will regularly ask for feedback and commentary from you. Topics are likely to vary wildly including, but certainly not limited to: graphic design, art, bad ads and good ads, messaging, branding, photography, SEO, web development, social commentary, consumerism, and much more.

If you’ve taken the time to read all of this, then my hat is off to you. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you around these parts often!