Free 90s Grunge Wallpaper

The music of the 90s changed my life. When Pearl Jam’s first album came out, I had never heard anything so transformational, so intense, so beautiful. At that point, I started discovering other Seattle-based bands, and quickly realized there was a vibe in Seattle that no one else had at the time, nor since.

From the wallpaper – a tribute to the fallen heroes of the Seattle scene – Kurt Cobain, Andrew Wood, and Layne Staley

I was deeply into the Seattle sound – Mudhoney, Green River, Mother Love Bone, and lesser known acts like The Fastbacks, Tad, Beat Happening, and so many more. A few years ago, I decided on a whim to create a tribute to the music I loved in the form of a wallpaper for my desktop. I compiled tons of actual show posters, album covers, and various associated imagery that encapsulated the late 80s and early 90s Seattle scene, and created my personal masterpiece.

I was recently digging through some old files and ran across it. I figured there may be some other fans out there who may enjoy something like this – so here it is!

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